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Tuesday June 30, 2009
To many Ontarians, Mr. Hudak is either unknown or a lightweight former Harris government junior minister. "I've seen no evidence of any substantive achievement in his long career," said one Liberal, who said he was pleased with the result. "He's good for a clip and good with a quip, but that's it."

Much of the media commentary so far has concentrated on the return of the Mike Harris crew. There's no doubt that the Harris team is back -- most of the former premier's backroom staff were integrally involved in the Hudak campaign, not least his former senior advisor, Deb Hutton, aka Mrs. Tim Hudak. Mr. Harris was a vocal supporter.

By his own admission, Mr. Hudak's conservative principles will inform his decisions as leader. "They've stood the test of time," he said. "Principles like rewarding hard work and ingenuity, supporting families, supporting home ownership and respecting the rule of law."

The McGuinty government is not Bob Rae's NDP and the Conservatives cannot rely on it coming apart at the seams. But there comes a time in every government's lifespan when voters just get tired of seeing them around. This is likely to be especially true for a government that has proved far more adept at imposing new taxes than cutting existing ones. If the McGuinty government does drift offside mainstream opinion, Mr. Hudak has to be ready with a unified party and smart policies. Another common sense revolution anyone? Source....

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