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Wednesday August 19, 2009
Despite suicide bombings and increased violence in the region, Afghanistan will still hold their presidential elections on Thursday but with increased security.

NATO has recently announced that there will be 300,000 troops in Afghanistan to secure their country's second presidential election on Thursday. Commanders believe that the country will face a high voter turnout despite the escalation in violence, according to Global News.

Australian Brigade General Damian Cantwell told reporters, "We think between about 15 million to as many as 17 million voters potentially are registered and should be able to take part [in the elections]." Taliban released a statement telling government officials and the general public that they plan to disrupt the election process. They also threatened to kill Afghans who plan on taking part in the electoral process.

Defence ministry spokesman General Mohammad Azimi told the press, "Our troops are in the process of being placed at polling stations as part of efforts to provide security for the elections. We are still hoping that more areas will be cleared before election day." Continued....

NATO: 300,000 troops to secure Afghan election
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