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Monday November 2, 2009
Whether or not Hamilton gets the Pan Am Games, it looks like Ivor Wynne's days are numbered.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger says city staff are working on a stadium business plan that includes building a new facility regardless of whether southern Ontario gets the Games.

"There's a need for stadium renewal, and we're going to proceed on making that business case, one way or another," Eisenberger said.

The site of the 2015 Pan Am Games will be decided next Friday.

If the Games go elsewhere, Eisenberger says the city will still seek senior government and private-sector funding for a modern multi-use stadium.

Even without the Games, Eisenberger believes the best site for a new facility is still the west harbour, where the city recently acquired a former Rheem Canada plant in anticipation of building a Pan Am stadium.

"I still think the waterfront location is the preferred site because it drives downtown and waterfront development and (light rail transit)." Continued....

Games or no Games, Ivor Wynne is gone
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