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The Hamilton Spectator
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Saturday November 14, 2009
The 2015 Pan Am Games are coming to Ontario and bringing $170 million worth of sports facilities to Hamilton and Burlington.

The Golden Horseshoe bid handily beat its two competitors yesterday, winning 33 of a possible 52 votes. Lima, Peru, received 11 votes and Bogota, Colombia, garnered seven, while one ballot was spoiled.

A jubilant Mayor Fred Eisenberger celebrated with local officials at the Parks Canada Discovery Centre, only a short distance from the proposed stadium site.

"We had some signs that we were doing well, but you don't know until the ballot's been dropped," he said.

"From the infrastructure perspective, from future potential investments, our waterfront, our downtown -- all of that gets energized by this great, spectacular bid."

But not all members of city council shared Eisenberger's enthusiasm. Councillor Sam Merulla, who has been an outspoken opponent of the bid, extended congratulations to Toronto but said he's "saddened" about the financial implications of the Games.

"I'm mourning for the taxpayers of the City of Hamilton," he said. "What we've inherited is a legacy of subsidies for generations to come." Continued....

The Grinch Who Stopped the Stadium
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