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Thursday April 1, 2010
When Labatt bought the Everybody has had, at least once, the sort of house-guest who mocks your furnishings, disdains your cooking, steps on your cat, and leaves your spare room a mess. This week all Canadians did, as Hillary Clinton openly and needlessly criticized her hosts on three different topics in a two-day visit.

As U.S. Secretary of State, Clinton's job is to speak her government's mind. But that doesn't mean flailing away in public at a friendly host government, as Clinton did. In at least one case she went farther, in public, than she should have gone even in private.

In Ottawa for a meeting of Arctic Ocean states, convened by Lawrence Cannon, our foreign minister, Clinton grumbled that he had invited only five of the eight such states, a legitimate point but one which should have been made in private before she agreed to attend. She then blew off the concluding press conference, although she was no doubt well aware that she would have been the star of the show.

Then she went on TV to complain that Canadian troops will leave Afghanistan next year. Did nobody brief her on Canadian political sensitivities on that issue? And why doesn't she hector certain other NATO allies who have done much less than Canada?

Finally, she said Canada should live up to her views on helping Third World mothers by improving their access to abortion. Even Canadians who agree with her on that won't relish Aunt Sam trying to push us around.

It wasn't her best outing. Many Canadians will be feeling a new sympathy for poor Bill. Source...

At least she didn't complain about the food
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