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Monday May 10, 2010
The Tiger-Cats' announcement that the club won't support a Pan Am Games stadium at the west harbour has left council even more divided over whether the city's preferred location is the best site.

Though Mayor Fred Eisenberger has resolved to forge ahead, several councillors aren't so sure.

Some, such as Councillor Sam Merulla, say the battle with the Ticats proves why the city shouldn't have gotten involved with the 2015 Games. Others -- who have long been Pan Am and west harbour supporters -- are questioning whether their choices reflect what's best for the city.

"It's getting to the point now that I'm second-guessing myself whether -- without the Ticats being on board -- it's even worth pursuing the Pan Am Games at all," said Councillor Terry Whitehead.

Cats owner Bob Young set off an uproar Thursday when he rejected the site as a viable home for his CFL team. He suggested three other sites and asked for a 90-day moratorium on further stadium decisions.

In response, Eisenberger said the city has no intention of slowing down on the west harbour and is moving "full steam ahead."

Councillors Brian McHattie, Scott Duvall and Russ Powers say they agree with the mayor's stance and are disappointed with Young's comments.

"He deserves a 25-yard misconduct penalty for illegal blocking from the rear," Duvall said of Young's revelations. "I fully support our mayor's position and response." Continued...

Stadium showdown divides councillors
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