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Saturday August 7, 2010
The provincial and federal governments will only fund a stadium at the east Mountain.

The news came first in a statement issued by local Liberal MPPs Sophia Aggelonitis and Ted McMeekin. "With a final decision days away, the federal government has made it clear to the province and the city that it will not fund a new stadium at the West Harbour," the statement read.

"The Ontario government believes, as the citys staff report points out, that if the stadium is going to have a strong future, it must have an anchor tenant. We believe the best opportunity for success now is to build the stadium on the East Mountain, and we will encourage all parties involved to work towards that solution over the coming days."

The afternoon was filled with intrigue as rumours of the statement, first reported by thespec.com around 3 p.m., spread over social media and among civic leaders.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger, in a statement issued minutes after public confirmation from the province said, "It is obvious that the upper levels of government are ignoring the community and have instead listened to private interests." Continued...

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