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Thursday May 5, 2011
The youngest MP ever elected to Parliament, an assistant pub manager, a former Cree chief and four university student leaders are among the group of new faces heading to Ottawa under the NDP's banner after Monday's federal election.

The MPs surprisingly won their ridings in an unprecedented sweep for the party, mainly in Quebec.

Some of the candidates admitted that they provided their names for the ballot with few expectations of winning.

Some of the most notable surprise wins include Ruth Ellen Brosseau, who was thrust into the spotlight after it was revealed she took a trip to Las Vegas in the middle of her campaign. Brosseau, who ran in Quebec, was also criticized for speaking little French, but the Carleton University assistant pub manager won with 39.6 per cent of the vote.

Another new face will be Pierre-Luc Dusseault, a 19-year-old politics student from Quebec -reportedly the youngest MP to ever be elected.

Other young NDP MPs include McGill University organizers Charmaine Borg, Matthew Dube, Mylene Freeman and Laurin Liu.

Other upsets of the night included Quebecer Mathieu Ravignat, an excommunist and current karate instructor who beat Conservative Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon.

The Quebec NDP caucus will also feature Romeo Saganash, a former Cree leader who took AbitibiBaieJamesNunavik-Eeyou, and student Alexandrine Latendresse, who defeated Tory minister Josee Verner. Continued...

NDP sending fresh, young faces to Parliament
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