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Saturday May 7, 2011
Controversial NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, who won her Quebec seat despite jetting off to Las Vegas mid-campaign, has broken her silence, admitting that she hadnt expected to win in a riding shes never stepped foot in before.

In her first interview since election night, Brosseau told Trois-Rivieres newspaper Le Nouvelliste shes been an NDP supporter for years, so when the party asked her to run in Berthier-Maskinonge, she agreed.

I didnt expect to win, she said, adding shed seen the polls showing a surge in Quebec but didnt know if that would translate into votes.

She watched the election results come in at party headquarters in Ottawa.

It was really shocking to see the results on election night, she told the newspaper. But the longer it went on, the more the excitement grew.

Since the election shes been busy learning the ropes, and says shes been made to feel very welcome.

Brosseau says she plans to visit her riding in the next several days.

Im very excited about visiting the riding. I hear its a lovely area. She says shes received a lot of email and messages expressing support for her candidacy, including a note from the mayor of Saint-Barthelemy, who is very enthusiastic, and has offered to show her around the riding. Continued...

NDP MP Brosseau admits she's never visited Quebec riding
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