Paul Martin Retrospective Gallery

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Graeme MacKay is the Editorial Cartoonist for
Hamilton  -  Ontario  -  Canada
October 15, 2003

Prime Minister Chrétien and Martin frequently clashed
while in office. It was often reported that Chrétien had
never forgiven Martin for running against him in the
Liberal leadership convention of 1990, and privately
often condemned Martin in bitter terms to his aides.
Some suggested that if Martin was not promised the
Finance portfolio in the event of the Liberals 1993
election victory, Martin would have resigned, splitting the
Liberal Party.

The conflicts between the two men reached a peak in
2002. Martin was removed from Cabinet, and was
replaced by John Manley as Finance Minister. Soon
after, Martin formally declared his intention to run as
leader of the Liberal Party at the next party convention.
Chrétien announced that he would resign in the spring
of 2004 after less than half of caucus agreed to sign a
commitment to support him. The Liberal party called a
leadership convention for the fall of 2003.

After Martin was crowned the new leader there was an
awkward span of months in which a lame duck PM was
sharing the spotlight with an incoming one.