Paul Martin Retrospective Gallery

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Graeme MacKay is the Editorial Cartoonist for
Hamilton  -  Ontario  -  Canada
April 14, 2004

Martin met the Dalai Lama and said the two men had
discussed human rights in Tibet, a move that was
bound to anger China.

Beijing had warned Martin against meeting the Dalai
Lama, who has run a government-in-exile in India since
fleeing Tibet after a failed uprising in 1959. China
regards the spiritual leader as a dangerous separatist.

Martin, the first sitting Canadian prime minister to meet
the Dalai Lama, talked with the Nobel Peace Prize
winner for 15 minutes in the presence of Ottawa's
Roman Catholic archbishop.

Although Martin had insisted before the encounter that
he would only discuss spiritual affairs, he emerged
afterward to reveal the talk had also touched upon Tibet.

Politically at the same time Martin was desperately trying
to separate his young administration from the
sponsorship plagued court of former PM Jean Chretien.