Paul Martin Retrospective Gallery

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Graeme MacKay is the Editorial Cartoonist for
Hamilton  -  Ontario  -  Canada
December 18, 2004

Paul Martin wass the latest in a series of foreign leaders
to go to Libya since it renounced programmes for
making weapons of mass destruction in 2003.

Since Col Gaddafi denounced terrorism and agreed to
stop developing weapons of mass destruction last year,
sanctions had been lifted and there had been a huge
shift in relations with the rest of the world.

Apart from world leaders beating a path to Tripoli, there
has been a steady stream of businessmen.

Martin said he and Gadhafi, who met inside an ornate
tent, discussed business opportunities and peace in
Africa and the Middle East.

Gadhafi was a study in contrasts - he wore a flowing
brown robe over grey-white tailored trousers and
calf-length black boots - as the two leaders met inside
the tent on the grounds of a walled compound in the
city's centre, while camels and goats grazed nearby.