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Graeme MacKay is the Editorial Cartoonist for
Hamilton  -  Ontario  -  Canada
January 20, 2006

Paul Martin had to distance himself from comments
made by Canadian Auto Workers President Buzz
Hargrove that Tory Leader Stephen Harper had
separatist views.

"(Harper's) view of the country is a separatist view that
doesn't have a strong federal government. A strong
federal government is what makes Canada the country it
is," Hargrove said.

He said a Harper-led government would put in place "a
framework that will make it easier for the separatists to
win in Quebec -- surely that's pretty close to being a

Hargrove made the comments during a Liberal
campaign stop by Martin in Strathroy, Ont., near Ford
Motor's Talbotville assembly plant. He later clarified his
position saying Harper is a federalist but that his plans
would harm the federation